What is Skiplino


Skiplino solves one of the most irritating daily problems which is standing in line, where on average a human wastes 6 months of his/her life standing in queues.

Skiplino is the first application that will act as a directory for all services that require you to take a ticket and wait in a queue to be served.  it works to expedite the process of waiting-in-line at businesses by offering an automated smart mobile solution to better manage traffic/flow and save people a lot of time by letting them get in queue wherever they are. It is revolutionary in its ability to unify hundreds and thousands of different businesses, companies and the idea of combining all entities that utilize this queuing system is as ground breaking as it is useful.

The application aims to empower both users and businesses alike by giving them an invaluable tool that will ultimately increase their efficiency and productivity by eliminating time wasted. 

We want to make people get the most out of their day and save time on their daily routines by eradicating irritating and unnecessary tasks. Our goal is also to make businesses and service providers improve their overall customer experience.

To  achieve our objectives we have created a simple application yet extraordinary to save the customers' waiting time in the queue, and make business have the ability to monitor their visitors conveniently and focus on the results. We at Skiplino have participated in dealing with one of the most stressful things in life, waiting in the queue.


  • Full directory of service providers in many different industries
  • One app that satisfies many user’s needs
  • No direct competition
  • Very powerful advertising impressions based on location and service needed by user
  • Easy setup of operations
  • Straight forward business model
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase sales and influence new customers