User Benefits

Skiplino customers get their hands on the application that will save them 6 months of their lives. It is not just time that they will save but there is a lot more. It will revolutionize the old-fashoined queuing system and save people endless hours of their precious time. It will virtually eliminate the waiting rooms in banks, Telecommunication companies, Governmental entities or any other venue with a typical waiting process. The application will decide the estimated arrival time through geo-location and update the user accordingly. Skiplino sets itself apart from competition through its ability to unify several different queuing system outlets within a single application. In short, users’ smartphones will replace their ticket number as they begin “standing in line” as soon as they get in the car.

   Stand in queue before arrival

Have you ever went to a bank and realised there are 30 people in front of you? It gets irritating going to a service provider in the middle of the week and unexpectedly seeing the queue is full of customers. We all have this experience and its not just in a bank it is in many other places. Skiplino will help you get rid of the waiting stress. it will make you be able to enter any organization and to expect how long you have to wait to get your product or service. Skiplino deduce the amount of time it would take a person to reach their current location to their intended destination and issue them an e-ticket on this basis, while also accounting for delays and cancellations in case they arise.

   Directory & Map

The application interface will provide you with two options to book your tickets. You will be able to do that by looking at directory of all available service providers and you can also navigate through the built in map to determine which location is the most convenient location to go to.

 Ultimate satisfaction

When booking a ticket, you will be presented with a ticket number, and estimated arrival time. If you ever ran late you can extend the time of arrival and notify the service provider. This means there is no need to panic, drive fast because you can make new appointments without worrying about the wasted time. After receiving your needs from the service provider; you can then give them instant feedback on the service provided. It just takes few clicks to do all that with Skiplino.