After logging in Skiplino. You will be prompted to open your GPS map services to get your location  and be able to find the closest service providers.

Then you will be have 5 options to find your way through for your required destination.

1- TThe map:

On the map you will be able to view the closest service providers within 50KM Radius. If the service provider doesn’t have a queuing system you can drop a suggestion through Skiplino by clicking the green button below.

1ainMain Directory:

On the main directory you can view the listed service providers that use Skiplino in a list which is another option if you do not like to navigate through the map.


The favourite section can work by clicking on the heart icon from your directory. the main idea is to short list the service providers to the one you like and frequently visit.


The search engine is another option to find the place that interests you. You can search it by name and then the list of available service providers will be there.


Just below the top navigation you will see another navigation showing the categories section of the services providers.

NOTE: Make sure that your location is enabled in order to view the service providers.