When you click on the service provider you want to book through the map the following will appear.

The first step after choosing the service provider you will be given to choose between the available services provided by the service provider.

After doing so you will choose the transportation method you want to use. the estimated time generated  is based on estimates from Google maps services.

Then you can also choose how long you will want to be late from the three options selected.

Your ticket will be generated and you will have the flexibility to extend the ticket time if you are coming late, or just cancel the ticket. It is a good practice to do so to prevent your account from being locked by booking and not going. .

While waiting your map will have colored bars on the top of it. The yellow indicates that there is a booked ticket made, whilst the green means there is 0-5 minutes left before your turn is up, and red indicates that your turn is up and you have to be in the counter. 

You will also be getting a notification on the phone when there is 5 minutes left for your turn and when your turn is actually ready.

You will also be notified when it is your turn, and you will be able to provide your feedback to the client about their services.