Skiplino for Business Setup Guide

Skiplino for business account is used to help you set up your own queuing system in simple few steps. 


First you need to Signup

On the signup page you will have the option to choose the relevant language on the top right, currently Skiplino supports the English and Arabic language. 

Fill up the information of your company to proceed with your signup. Please make sure to input a valid phone number and select the correct country. 


The next step will be to verify your contact information (Telephone & E-mail).


Company Information

After verifying your contact information you will access Skiplino Admin dashboard which will ask you to fill your company information, set up your first branch, service, and agent. These three steps will get your queuing system ready, up and running.  


*It is recommended to upload a logo with the size of 512px X 512px


The next step is to add your branches that requires queuing systems. 

 To add a branch you will be asked to provide the name, region, city, and location of the branch. If you do not have all the information of the branches you can always come back later and update the branch information. 

The tab on the right shows the location. You will find a map where you can navigate to the location of your branch and dropping a pin to save it.

To add another branch you can click on the + button top right. 



To add a service you will be required to fill your information. The service letter will represent a service unique identification. For example, teller has service letter of A and customer service has letter of B. The Serving time will represent the amount of time on average a customer would take. Finally the service status is the section where you indicate if you want the branch queuing system to be opened or closed or auto based on the timing/working days and hours. 

The working days section gives you the flexibility in specifying the working hours of your staff.  Whether they work two days or seven days. In the drop down menu you will be able to choose the day you want to assign time to. Under it you will see the timing you want the queuing system to be active. 

On the right side button where it says “add time” refers to adding extra time slots that is if that given day work on more than one shift. 

To add another day is by simply clicking the plus sign down that says “add day” then you will be given the next day to add. 


The Third step is to add users that will be using the queuing systems. You will be required to fill the below form after clicking on the button on the top right. 

After inputting the information, you can set users as Branch Manager or Agents.


When choosing an agent you will be able to choose the desks for each agent.

In addition there are two type of users, administrator and normal user.


Congratulation you have finally set up your Skiplino Business account!

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